Beaversafari in canoe with Swedish Fika in Dalsland
In the evening it is time to take a seat in the canoe for a look at the beavers. We will visit the beaver’s food and living areas and have a picnic on the beach. When the sun goes down we silently head out again. The water is the beaver’s right element, where he feels safe and is not at all as shy as if the visitors have come on land.

Beavers can grow up to 75cm in length without the tail and wight about 20 to 30 kg, a unique chance to get a look at these fascinating animals.

The season is from mid-May to the end of August

The 2020 season runs tours as follows:

15 May – 5 June on Fridays

9 June – 26 June and 10 July – 28 August on Tuesdays and Fridays

More about the experience:

  • Clothes depending on the weather, it can get cold sitting still and waiting for the beavers. Recommended to bring binoculars and a camera.
  • In case of persistent heavy rain, the trip is canceled.
  • Selected dates during the summer months.
  • The trip takes about 3 hours.
  • The experience is performed in groups but booked individually max 5 participants / trip.
  • The picnic food (Sewdish Fika) is Swedish flatbredroll vith smoked beaver, mayonnaise, salad and tomato and coffee or tea. If other food is desired, participants bring it themselves.

Before the trip:
You have to be atleast 10 years old and should be able to swim.

Good to wear on your feet: Rubber boots, Fold slippers or other shoes that can withstand water. Bring extra clothes and freely binoculars and camera. A warm sweater or jacket is nice at dusk.

Price 1200 SEK / person.