About me

About me

Hello and warm welcome here!

My name is Helena Sellering and started the company Dalslands Natur & Friskvårds Guide AB. I am educated as a nature guide at the Linnaeus University in Kalmar, a trained and approved city guide in Alingsås and a trained wellness guide.

I have guided in nature reserves in Västra Götaland for Västkuststiftelsen since 2012 when I moved to Västra Götaland and guided city walks, Fika walks, nature walks, bus guides and light walks in Alingsås since 2013 in Swedish and English. In Alingsås I also drove the Ljusexpressen for a couple of years.

I have from my parents a interest in animals and nature. I don’t think I know that much about animals and nature, but I like to share what I can. But above all I like to learn more and there the guided walks are really good, because even I get to learn new things.

For me wellness is very important right now that I see how capital care fails with treating a lot of our most common diseases. Often welfare diseases such as:

  • concentration difficulties
  • obesity
  • burnout
  • depression
  • heart disease
  • type 2 diabetes
  • alphabet diagnoses

Research around these diagnoses shows that nature is a very good way back to a normal life. Maybe not in the direct immediate emergency but thereafter.

I was on my way into the wall myself almost 20 years ago and could turn around to a healthier life by “just being” in nature and meditating. I have since then burnt for helping others to take part of the same way to healing without a bunch of unnecessary medicine.

I am now glad I found the course for wellness guide so I have gotten new tools to share with everyone I meet for a healthier life.